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    i was really sad when i wrote that,worthless and insignificant. it passes, you come out of your own hole and are stronger, and its okay if you feel like that sometimes...
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    i went out for a walk, threw flowers on the way,
    so that i could retrace, my path back home,
    i saw herons and foxes, bats and cats,
    fireflies and crickets, bears and wolves,
    nothing scared me, nothing made my nerve twitch,
    until the moon signaled me to head back,
    but i couldn't find the flowers and the way,
    i walked and walked and walked,
    found a house that was on fire,
    and i put it out, arranged the woods to form the roof,
    but still the house spilled amber on me, like i was unwelcomed there,
    so i ran out and walked and walked,
    found a house, similar to mine, abandoned
    but oh so cold, making my spine shiver,
    it didn't want me there too, i gave me cold,
    i walked and walked and walked,
    i found the flowers but not the house i was looking for,
    i was sad so i cried,
    i cried because all i wanted was a house i could call home, fire to keep my soul warm,
    a blanket and food, maybe a soul or two,
    but all i get is barren land, for all the fires i put out and coldness i removed, all the fierceness and kindness was subliming into nothingness,
    all i get is pores on my feet, making my path bloody, my eyes teary, bites from creatures, sucking out my blood and my soul, and cold wind, cracking up my skin, old wounds too,
    makes me think, maybe, maybe, this is what i deserve,
    maybe, maybe, if i never find my way back, if i just get lost in the woods, maybe no one wold ever notice,
    afterall, what can empty houses and creatures of woods feel?
    (maybe i am just an insignificant point in this universe, and it wont change the equilibrium of it, if i just don't exist.)