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    Short stories : Mukuti Maashe
    Chap 1 : ��

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    MuKuTi MaAsHe
    (teacher with a nose pin)
    Chap 1:
    Part 1

    : ' Nancy, did you check the resistance of S. typhi?
    Yes sir
    : what was the results?
    (His eyebrows raised in shock )
    : To all the antibiotics? Even the one's that were lately discovered?
    Yes sir...
    : We have to inform the HOD and find a new protocol, do on thing , ask Latha ma'am to contact Prof Venu Gopal and inform this matter and I'll deal with HOD... Okay?
    Yes sir.
    (Rushes to Latha [faculty ]and contacts Dr.Venu Gopal [works at BioZen, Bangalore]
    I reached my desk ,sat on the chair and rested my head on the desk. It was a tiring day as I worked for 18 hours straight with no good results at the end.
    Sarah : Di, nee ettevarey veetil poyillae? (dude you still dint go home?)
    Me : elladi, epporanne lab work kazhinyadhe. (no,just now I finished my lab work)
    Sarah : Yennale nammke oru chude chai kudiche ninne veetil drop cheyam( let's go have a cup of tea and I'll drop you to home)
    I smiled at her... She is Sarah Jacob, one of my colleague working at BioScience. She's a malayalee from Thrissur who is a sweet person and above all very intelligent. We had a hot cup of tea after which she drove me towards our apartment. Yes! She is my roomie too...
    Sarah : Nee poyi rest cheydho ennike kurache lab work unde, you'll be fine alley?( you go take some rest I have to do some work at the lab, you'll be fine right?
    Me : Absolutely!!!
    Sarah : Shere byee!
    Me : Bye
    To be continued....