• strangestuff 10w

    Life is such unplanned

    Woww man life is such unplanned journey.2020 has been such a difficult year for me it showed me you are 18 see the real side of life.From selflessely thing about your life and enjoying life to taking responsibility and seeing your parents growing old.From choosing friends who i thought would last forever to seeing them passed by.It showed me true sense of loneliness missing something being adult.From speaking anything to staying quiet to reacting to everything to avoiding people.From being a happy face to facing insomania woww 4 months and life changed.Who knows adulting is so difficult want to go back to school wear that dress and spend 6hours enjoying it was great who knows everything has an end .I do not know where future is but like every bad thing it may pass .Maybe in this age we crave for love care understanding because we do not know what is going on.Yupp we will learn from this and hope there is something good for us secure by almighty