• musical_princess1412 23w

    I wrote this after I watched a japanese movie 'Yell for the Blue Sky.' Really amazing concept. Loved it.

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    Yell For The Blue Sky

    At the beginning, we were total strangers wishing to complete our dreams.
    Knowing my dream, you wanted me to fulfill it for .
    And so we promised each other to work hard for each other's dreams.
    We started spending time with each other and became good friends.
    When I failed, you encouraged me.
    For the girl who is always looking at her shoes, you drew a smiley on it.
    Now whenever I feel down and look at it, it gives me courage to face the problem in front of me.
    I'm glad I fell in love with you.
    It made me strong.
    It gave me courage.
    It gave me hope to achieve my dream.
    Thank you!
    Thank you, for coming in my life.
    Thank you, for falling in love with me.
    'Cause your love made me fly in the blue sky.
    From now on,
    I promise to support your dream.
    I promise to keep loving you forever.
    I promise to soar in the blue sky together with you.