• teefoma 5w


    Still wondering,
    How I suddenly turn single again.
    Mysteries that I'm yet to unfold.

    I thought he was the one
    But my instinct failed me this time.
    I gave that which I have never given before.
    I never knew it will land in pain.

    Still wondering,
    If those questions of mine;
    Will ever find answers.

    How did those beautiful moments
    Ended as memories?
    Still wondering, how those perfect dates
    Turns hate.

    Still wondering,
    How my trust was thrown in thin air.
    Still wondering, if the word;
    "I love you" really meant anything to him.

    Still wondering,
    Why I didn't see it ending.
    Still wondering , If i will ever get healed.

    Still wondering,
    Where I got it wrong.
    Still wondering, why he left without saying a word.
    Was I that bad?

    Still wondering,
    How he got disconnected.
    Still wondering how I became a loner.