• imre111122 9w

    The mind is futile

    The mind is futile
    an attempt to make sense of this all while ingaging in self preservation
    to pleasure itself as much as possible
    regardless of the true implication
    of what a broken heart is
    for the young of heart yearning
    love attached insecurity
    they do not know love
    if they can't let go
    Know before hand you
    everything is predestined
    no throw of the dice here
    enjoy the movie your in
    programmed you
    imagined self
    as compared to nothing
    only becomed as compared to
    whom unawakend
    to what be you imagined
    you now becomed
    a universe embodied specimen
    In a Petre dish going around in circles
    that life imagined itself you there
    without your permission
    but are you not life
    the irony of it all
    enough I self imploded
    now I disappeared
    now becomed to know
    empty mind considers itself not
    for I am it I am God reflected
    regardless of the game of life imposed
    I am expendable true
    to return
    back to wince I come from
    to never had existed before
    now I am becomed
    Love in love with love
    because I imagined it so
    now who are you
    In the pools of timelessness
    then nothing says hello