• exertion_love 6w

    Here are my musings as bitter as true,
    For the country you fought is affected by political flue.
    Where intoxication of greed and power set humanity on fire,
    And grief and sorrow are left as residue.
    The Democracy you framed is being eaten up by Poisnous leaders,
    Where JAWAN is called crook and on roads suffers the NATION FEEDERS.
    Where the sold media Manuplates PEOPLE'S ISSUES into RELIGIOUS DISPUTE,
    And your desirable wish “SECULARISM" Is what they POLUTE.
    The government you never wished is pushing equality & fraternity into HELL,
    Where power is resting with that minister who doesn't know how some words SPELL!!
    OH dear mates, it's the time to ARISE,
    And stand against dictatorship for sake of freedom fighter's SACRIFICE.
    At least we can pray for the one who's doing so, (farmers)
    Coz his victory will clarify the leaders that citizen rights are important than their ego.
    -RS bhangu