• insight_satyam 10w

    Take You Somewhere

    Take you somewhere,
    Somewhere that you don't know.
    A place far from here,
    A lot of things to explore.
    Should we take my Chevrolet Beat,
    Or on my bike you want to roam?
    Will go near a beach,
    Right near the sea shore.
    Take beer, one each,
    Drink while standing on the road.
    Dinner table on the sand,
    On the sideways flowers will galore.
    We will play your favourite band,
    On my speakers of bose.
    Sometimes I will take your hand,
    And ask you, "Aren't you getting bored.?"
    Things aren't same like before
    Take you somewhere that you don't know,
    Share the things I haven't told!

    ©Satyam Shrivastava