• dmrlwrites 5w

    The woman makes her way onto the city bus with only seconds to spare.
    It's another sizzling, summer day.
    She makes her way down the isle and finds an empty seat next to the window, leaning her elbow against the glass.
    Heat radiates through, burning her arm.
    She curses and quickly pulls it away as beads of sweat form on the back of her neck.
    Every two miles the bus stops, picking up and dropping off strangers.
    Diesel fumes consume the air.
    She begins to feel dizzy as the breaks squeal beneath her feet.
    A tall, attractive man suddenly boards the bus and approaches the empty seat next to her.
    He sits down and after a minute he gently taps the woman on the shoulder.
    "Yes?" She asks but he doesn't say a word so she turns away.
    The man taps her on the shoulder again.
    "Yes?" The woman asks, now becoming more annoyed.
    He leans towards her and looks her dead in the eye.
    He whispers, “you’re now allowed to remember everything I’ve told you to forget.“
    The man snaps his fingers.