• rudra_00 5w

    Laugh out Loud!

    I am supposed to spread light when there is none inside me. What a splendid role I have been cast into! Bravo definer of destiny! Bravo! O yes, I laugh out loud. I wallow on the grass like mad and my eyes turn red; all in laughter. I crack jokes incessantly and the world laughs and says "O what a funny guy!"

    Won't you ask me to take a bow?
    Won't you give me a standing ovation?
    O come on! I made you all laugh!
    In a jungle of sorrow, how many apes do you see?

    And here I am, tickling your funny bones with the profound wisdom that a smile and a laughter are worlds apart.

    Laugh with me, will you? You are lucky to be with a human with no tear ducts for a birth defect.

    ~ Hirak