• eema_mmae 6w

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the moon?
    Is she happy in the sky with the stars as brethren?
    Does she anticipate the night when she shines brightly?
    I always wonder.
    Is she alone in the black night sky with only her light to lead the path?
    Do the disheartening stories of mankind give her nightmares like they do to us?
    Or do insecure thoughts of destitution in comparison to the sun plague her mind on the nights when even the star brethren retreat behind the clouds?
    Is she also subject to the melancholy of the night?
    Or does she feel inadequate when she cannot grant enough light to the lone girl sitting on her window pane reading by moonlight?
    I wonder all these things to the point that I cannot sleep and my back is troubled.
    When I look up to the sky I always wonder,
    Is she lonely?

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    Lonely Moon.

    Oh lonely moon, cast upon me your soothing light, through the little window by my bedside.
    Let my corners be dark and my bed be bright.