• shally12 25w


    Let me tell you a story
    About a scammer and the scammed
    Once upon a time, there lived a young girl...let's call her Aduke
    She came to school one lovely day, on a Wednesday specifically
    And was lost in the whole bustle of AEB 302.1
    And she heard of a special person who was a genius in the book aspect (PS: the said girl is a horrible athlete)
    So she asked 'Who is this special girl?'
    She was told; Lois Asalu
    “Wow! where is this girl?”, she asked
    The said girl was pointed out
    So Aduke went to meet Loisy (pardon my use of the name) and asked
    ‘Are you Asalu Lois Ibitayo?’
    The girl denied vehemently and said, “my name is _Motunrayo not Lois_”
    ‘Okay, I don't know anywhere in Uniport',declared Aduke
    ‘Can we go on a tour?’, replied Motunrayo...and Motunrayo and Aduke went round uniport together
    To make this story concise,
    Aduke later found out that Motunrayo was lying to her!
    How it all ended I am not sure
    But they found out they shared a love for novels and Korean movies...and that forged a friendship
    Friends in arms so to speak
    A bond strong enough to last
    As they say a friend in Korean movies is a friend forever
    So as you grow older
    May you learn not to scam people
    Happy birthday _Motunrayo NOT Lois_
    PS: I know this is horrible but take it like that