• zilch__ 10w


    I might have my days
    When I crave your face
    Chained up your chain of songs
    Ballet across, as they've brung a bomb
    I analyze till i pacify
    Your touch, your hush satisfies
    The crux of this poem, regret
    Lungs make out with the dark cigarette
    Leaned backward, disturbed and hammered
    Sipped my Walker, choked yet stammered
    Ah! I used to crush your blush
    Caress your bare soul, blackened green lush
    I still bare, you don't care
    Your absence trades why with where?
    I can't see what I'll be
    You poison your stars on me
    I think solely, just to lose you
    Scars on me, a needle bruised you?
    Today I set those songs ablaze
    River up my verses, flood your maze
    You meant something, can't be defined
    You my poem that can't be rhymed