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    Clock ticking sharp 1:00 of the midnight,
    body deadly lying on the bed, eyes gazing
    on the nook of the roof, million thoughts in skull drenching in nostalgia with veins
    shouting for the urges that left in the hand
    of fate...

    All I had been was running out of time,
    Of the time I don't know where it was taking
    me far away by you, I couldn't stop my
    legs in a hurry neither I had no control
    over that painful gaze staring at you
    till I lost your sight moving along the
    aura vast and misty, I don't know where
    I was taking too far from you...

    I wished this moment should pause
    I wished my fingers don't fall out of the
    tip of your fingers
    I wished the lotus of my heart bring in
    the essence to your body, which could
    keep me alive in you in your heart forever
    All I wished is merely left unfulfilled by
    my GOD but love, I don't know where I was
    taking far from you...

    There came a thunder, where I had been
    rumbled over its cynical powers,
    There came waves which pushed me away
    by you, into the water without my consent
    The bad vigors forget kiss immigrating
    over you, bit by bit
    Love, I'm no enchantment nor a pixie how
    will I battle this awful fate alone neither I know where I was being taken away by you...

    Now you wholly don't remember me from
    the kiss of forget, how will I acknowledge
    you, my deep-rooted affection and
    our awful story that you don't remember,
    You are taken far away by me.

    Now, I merely peek at you from a distance
    holding an arid lotus in my hand, which looked like me, which you had given me for the last time depicting our story with the love story of lotus and full moon. And now I hardly yearn, you should have dragged me towards you and kept me in your kiss alive till I took my last breath out of it...
    But Love,
    Fate has seized us far away from each other...

    But now that the wind has changed
    Dusk has overwhelmed the dawn
    Stars are miles away from the moon
    My heart is habitual of loving you without you
    All these words counterparts the grief blue
    I surrender this hue of raven and white
    to my GOD, pausing the moments that I WISH...

    22-10-20 ( 11: 59 am )
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee_ki_daadima
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    Bad vigors forget kiss - vigor(strength and powerful energy) bad vigors( powerful energies with bad intention) kiss which would make one's memory vanish, to the extent they(negative energy/ bad vigor) desire...

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