• supernovaforever 4w


    The only thing that I don't understand are humans
    the complex being of immature mind
    showing they are kind, but are actually dead inside
    they have forgotten what they are
    they run away from life
    their fingers always dancing on the tip of the knife
    Some dying of hunger, some dying for attention
    some dying to fall in love, some dying to get out of a toxic relationship
    we have forgetten the meaning of happiness
    and compare it with a rectangular piece of paper called money
    the world was so shiny
    now its hazy, its cloudy, the thoughts that united us now divides us
    everyday it killed us, and buried a part of us
    inside us
    we are blind, and cant see that it is not necessary to follow everybody
    its not important to fall, its not important to rise again and again
    to cry, to feel for others, to fall in love, to get education
    to be a puppet of the society
    and always live within the rule of our destiny
    a destiny written by people around you
    and lived by you, and only person that suffers is you