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    Dear you,

    I'm glad we clashed but, did we? particularly?
    Is it a mere coincidence or a dominant fate? Sometimes, I'm scared of everything around it torments my state of mind like I earn all the guilt even if I ain't guilty. Is breathing a crime? Then arrest me. Cause I haven't done anything more other than just breathing.

    I refused to believe that there is something in the world which is always TRUE that everyone should accept or so FALSE that everyone must deny. Everyone has their belief, perspective and it's okay if that doesn't match yours. You are you, be you for you. I haven't done anything wrong however I haven't done anything right either to be at ease. Between scared soul and complacent essence, there is a spot where I dwell. This anxiety will devour me alive, taking pleasure in every bite of my naive flesh. Save me before this scepticism succumbs, me entirely. Can you?

    I don't fear oblivion yet I wanna do something not to be remembered but to imprint my truth. Will, you remember me if I cease? You shouldn't. Why would you? I'm just an accidental human who happens to prevail at a last-place I belong. There are myriad of decent folk around who can snatch your attention as well as the heart. I'm just a misfit blueprint whose existence barely matters. You might be wondering why I'm writing to you it's because I have seen you on your high and lows. I will appreciate you often from a distant horizon. The way you overcome your fear of hypothesis. I have admired you and will always do. I too exist somewhere between waves of acquaintance to a soft breeze of strangers.

    I might overcome the fear of losing you but can't overcome the fear of being fearful when you are still breathing.

    5'27 pm