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    He : Okay.... can you sing?
    She : Absolutely not.
    He : I know you can.
    She : Oh! How can I forget....
    You know everything. Huhh!!
    He : Exactly ����
    She : ��
    He : Are you feeling shy?
    She : Oh please... shy! In front of you, never��
    He : Ok then, sing
    She : No chance.
    He : Why?
    She : Coz I don't have a good voice.
    He : You think so.....
    She : I don't think, I know this.
    He : Alright. I don't care how you sing
    I only want you to sing.
    She : Blood will ooze out of your ears.
    He : Its ok, I'll manage.
    She : But I can't see you like that na...
    He : Oh really.... be quiet and sing.
    She: How can I sing being quite??��
    He : Oh! You like to vex me na?
    She : I love to����
    He : You are crazy.
    She : I know ��
    He : Why don't you go to a mental hospital?
    She : After you��
    And by the way it's you who lives nearby a M.H��
    He : Ohh Shut up
    She : Okay��
    He : Good
    She : ��
    He : You are such a melodrama....
    Till now you'd already finished the song.
    She : Why don't you sing?
    He : I don't know how to sing.
    She : And you expect me to sing��
    He : Okay ma'am I'm sorry����
    She : Its alright.... I have a big heart you know.
    I've already forgiven you.��
    He : ��
    She : �� Bye.

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