• vaish_pardeshi13 22w

    How are you doing...?
    I am fine.
    (I am just holding fine. Surviving each day. Taking up challenges. Keeping emotions asides. Having a plastered smile. I am just doing fine.)

    What's in your head...?
    (It's just calculating the balance between living life worthily or dieing happily. It's been a mess since the day it realised nothing's real in your life. All the love, the care people show is false. Nothing's in my damn mind.)

    Are you even for real...?
    According to me I be what I really wanna show everyone.
    (No I am not. I am just the girl who would sometimes appear totally opposite of what actually is inside. I just pretend to be an image you would like to see. Yes I am for real.)

    When are you content...?
    (When I am happy at heart. But look at my fucking life, it just has to be messed up at every time. Accepting everything it moves. But my heart? it's just stuck somewhere around there. I am always contented)

    You live a perfect life...?
    Yes, yes I do.
    (If only you know the clan pressure I keep on getting to fulfill their expectations. The emotions I keep locked deep down in my heart. I have thousands of people I know but none I can be reliable on. Yes I have the perfect life.)