• porcupine 10w


    Smoking a cigarette
    And drinking some rum
    Thinking back on us
    And how we had so much fun

    Sharing what you had
    Friendly to all
    Smiling so often
    And how you made me feel tall

    Showing me your love
    Laughing at your faults
    Feelings that came free
    And how you opened your vault

    Shivering on some days
    Quickly I get a sweater
    Content you should be
    And I must make you better

    Cravings I took notice
    Surely I would get that
    Sugary sweets or just milk
    And I'm gone in no time flat

    Drawn to each other
    Miracles can happen!
    Created a beautiful child
    And I give ourselves a ten

    Walking we once enjoyed
    Shopping all the time
    Together we were three
    And I always felt so fine

    Forever I will remember
    Fondly I will still smile
    Everyone has their purpose
    And you did it in style