• __inhuman__ 10w

    Could you actually ever forget me?
    I wonder sometimes!
    Cause forgetting you or just even removing your memories from my system isn't possible!

    The effort given in just to keep your memories locked and let them not resurface in the public is so much that it keeps me tired now almost all days!
    I feel that my body is on fire sometimes, but no I really hadn't developed any fever!
    Still feeling so broken mentally and emotionally makes one weak I guess!

    And burning, something is always burning inside me, I just wish everyday that it turns into a severe disease so that I don't have to explain brokenness, the mess I'm, when I'm alone!

    Turning into a sadist, a masochist, a psychotic person I've become, isn't really easy for me, I look back and see how hard would it be for you?
    And then when it hits me you're more broken than I'm, it hurts severely!

    Knowing that I'm not okay is a one thing, but knowing that you're not okay cause of me and the situations and everything is another!

    I really don't understand how these 2 months have passed really? It sometimes seems like you were mine yesterday and today you just vanished or rather I made you vanish!
    And sometimes it feels like how am I holding back the hurricane which is like a part of me now!
    It just doesn't let me out of it, I'm just drowning everyday! Just drowning a bit more to never recognize the thing this I'm becoming!

    It'd be good that you stop loving me cause I ain't the person I was anymore!
    I ain't the girl you loved!
    She is just lost somewhere and turned into a.... Disaster? Or maybe its a blunder whatever it is, I ain't me anymore!