• khalidah03 9w

    Life is not about guys and girls and men and women
    It’s not about relationships or looking for one
    It’s not about what others think of you
    It’s not about how many friends you have
    It’s not about loving someone
    It’s not about the guy you like or the girl you like
    It’s not about who you love or who doesn’t love you
    It’s not about social media

    Life is something God granted us with
    Life is a test
    Life is strength
    We all make mistakes
    Sometimes bad things happen but life teaches us to be strong
    It teaches us to love ourselves
    We all have goals to follow
    Dreams to fight for
    We can’t let anyone stop us for what we want
    We got to remember who we are and why we came to this earth
    Life is tough but believing in God will make it easier
    It just takes patients
    Life teaches us to brave, strong, stand up for ourselves, move on, be positive, be happy, keep smiling no matter what happens and etc
    Life is a lesson
    So we need to learn our lesson
    And continue living our life

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