• rumanrulesneverend 10w

    Love is forever
    Lust is a desire.
    And some of them lost
    their lives in true love.
    And many of them lost
    their bless soul in desire.
    "My burnt soul to me".
    Lemme bleed today!
    how was that day when
    he said, you're not my lover
    you're just my desire.
    That second I died immortally
    my heart lost they beat,
    Am not I able to take a single breath,
    my body is numb;
    Now thee touches make me
    feel like a thrones on my flesh.
    I'm breathless, even i feel
    Insecure in your presence.
    I'm shivering with the thought of
    "what was going on her mind".
    I thought he was an angel
    but he is the beast devil.
    Thee well played with my
    feelings, but that was my fault.
    How could I trust a wanderer.
    And that's the biggest fault of my existence,
    where i fallen loving you.

    There was a time when I was a alive girl.
    Colour are my eye shade,
    happiness is my favourite lipstick.
    Sunshine is my beauty,
    Life is a free bird.

    Night is my jewel,
    Loneliness is my right.
    Darkness is my home
    Moon is life.

    I'm died still I can feel the pain
    Immeasurable stitches on my heart.
    Still my body craves
    how thee and me breathe one air.

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    I'm beautiful as moon
    that's why, blackness is my home.