• iamgroot_ 10w

    Some songs can make you feel so close to home or make you realise infinite distances between you and someone you call home. This is that one song in your playlist that you would always play during your long journey, sitting beside the window side while reading your favourite chats and wishing for someone to be by your side as Ed Sheeran's soothing voice gives this song a soul which synchronizes with everything that you've in your heart. The song feels like a good old wine, that just gets better and better with time.

    "Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes. It's the only that makes us feel alive,"

    Ed Sheeran here talks about the most beautiful paradox that just happens called love and makes our heart bleed as his voice oozes with emotions which we all cage inside our heart for someone we love. He talks about the photograph in which he is still in love with his life when their hearts were not broken and time used to freeze whenever their eyes would meet. As slow clouds of the guitar calm my aching heart, I can't help but think about someone I once loved and wanted to ask her hand from her parents and take her to someplace, we both would call home.

    As the song take pace, my heart races back in time as 'Ed' sings,

    "And if you hurt me that's okay baby, only words bleed... Wait for me to come home,"

    And maybe speak the reason I still haven't let her go as I still believe I can make everything okay between us if we cross our paths and that smile on her face makes me feel like home again. Love is strange. No matter the degree of extent it hurts us but we still prefer it over anything else in this world...

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