• yellow_wings 5w

    •You took me captive, body and soul.
    Swirling in joy I helped you chain me,
    The shackles in my hand seemed so
    Round and round around the fire we
    made promises.

    •It was a dream at first, too good to be
    true,Then the colours faded, and all
    was not good.
    I became your property and I failed to
    recognise how you bought me.

    •You would call me names and caress my
    wounds, the monster in you became a

    •We would make love and then you would
    sometimes rape me, the lover in you
    became the monster.

    •Hazed by the rolling wheel, telling myself
    you're the monster and lover both, I wasn't
    sure who I was anymore.

    •And on a raining night you didn't come
    home, I prayed you wouldn't for I wanted
    to sleep fearlessly.