• sharmistha_writes 4w

    The depth of one-sided love

    A friend of mine one day suddenly tells me "exactly how I live alone" ‽I understand his question , But I did not disclose ... I tell him that Why? I am staying at home with everyone .. Where alone? Then he said, I'm talking about your spouse ... You don't love , How long will you be alone like this? I said with a smile , Why are you having so many problems? I'm fine alone, I have no problem ... Then he says, it is not possible to stay like this, Look, you are working, you have to be settled in life Isn't it? I say, yes it will be one day but now I am not thinking of anything ... Then he says, no, your mouth doesn't say anything, but your eyes says a lot .... I'm smiling Then he says yes you must like someone ... Say the name and we all meet together .. I say None of this ....Then he says, tell me everything openly ..did he knows that you love him?I said with a smile , What love is all about is to express? You love a man, marry him and stay with him all your life , Is that the result of love? Love is not like that dear buddy ....Have you ever seen someone in love in secret? He said, what? I say yes, I also fell in love with someone I think about him all the time .... I don't know if he loves me , But my love for him will never be less ... Then my worried friend says ,How is this possible? I said , Yes, everything is possible buddy ... I love him from the bottom of my heart..Yes, it may be one-sided but I immerse myself in his little care. Love is possible from afar..... Not everyone knows what the consequences will be but the feelings are completely different...You know he caresses me very much .... When I am in pain, he also feels pain.... Maybe that's love ..... I don't know if we will ever be one, but I will love this way for the rest of my life .... Got it ?? Then he says, yes I didn't really think anyone could fall in love in such a way ..You explained everything to me beautifully...Liked it very much... There is no pain in one sided love, just love that person in your mind.. May the love of the two of you be immortal ...he is smiling a lot after saying these things...And at the end I smiled too.