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    SATAN: Nothing has changed. It is only you divine forces who interested in playing various plays and in the lust to earn fame in the world by your various incarnations and to make people believe that you exist struggle hard and finally reduce this planet condition to this extent. About the human destruction, still I am alive and is going strong on this planet and is busy finding ways to do something, WILL FIND A WAY OUT. About you and NARAYAN, don't worry, that's why I have come in his place because if NARAYAN is there, he would be bound by various unwanted things and finally end up in fulfilling those things and though has kept you alive in his heart, still in front of his great devotees, he can forsake you also. Because he is that type of person only. In front of devotees he would do anything and if any devotees would request you also, he without any further hesitation would offer you also as a boon. He is such a great person and who knows him better than me. So don't worry about your separation, you can also stay alone happily and if you have issues you can say that to SHAKTHI.