• vaishnuchellam 10w

    (Episode 6)

    I rushed to college but I found noone inside the room which was opted for practice. I found no sign of Neethu and Rithvik, it was for them I had gone that day. I came back to hostel after that day's class. I waited for Neethu to come. It was 8:30pm then, but she didn't come. When I informed this to the Warden, I learnt that she had got special permission for that day. I was totally out of mind. Strange images pass on to my mind about Neethu and Rithvik. She came by interrupting my thoughts, "Hey Priya, up till now." My hands urged to slap her. But I cannot, under what grounds can I slap her? "Where were u Neethu?" She blushed. "I was with Rithvik. He took me to his home. Such a kind person he was. We spent 2 hours after practice." She showed me some photographs which she took with him. I was about to yell at her. But I'm not permitted to do that. Still I have to say something against her, "Are you crazy to take such photos with the man whom you do not know?" She strongly replies, "He is mine Priya and we are going to live together. Take your pills and sleep well." We both had our food. She slept. I forced sleep to grab me soon. The next day I woke up with a shock. Yes, the day that changed my fate....
    (To be continued...)