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    Just some normal thoughts.

    We don't know yet,we don't know how it works, we are alert not because we are tired just because we couldn't handle the pain it cost
    ofcourse we can say to the world I'm changing, i don't need anyone to make me happy etc, but we know it just a pure lie, which make others to zip out our issues isnt it!? yes it is.
    the truth is no one is actually healed, we all are broken, not physically but mentally many issues love, friendship, family, but we are adjusting, we are trying to survive, but we do make the same mistakes again and again, it's not your fault it just the way how it works, some people playing with others feelings, they're damaging the whole you, yet you gave them another chance you know they gonna repeat this yet. its just we can't let the person go maybe we do have a ray of hope of changes but it won't work out the only thing we gain is pain, it won't heal but you are going to tired of getting hurt, you're going to tired of pain you were suffering, eventually you will be tired of that person maybe we are craving something better and u realized late, it happens like maybe in your friends circle nor a social media friend who is already in love,they way how they share their happiness make us sick, of course it is jealous, it happens because we don't have or we don't get a guy/girl like that, it can happen this way too,
    It happens in love and married life also, life is like that nothing is easy everything is temporary but it's that hard to be happy!? when we already know everything is temporary!?

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