• ironsnowman 5w

    As I lay here in this solemn silence,
    I think about this world and all the violence.
    Breathing in, and breathing out,
    Thoughts of you begin to swirl about.
    This woman I see, so full of wonder,
    Won't let her faith be torn asunder.
    With eyes that shine like a sea of emerald,
    A woman who sees God's power, and she trembled.

    This man I am, seeks to find someone of quality,
    Not simply fill my life with fruitless quantity.
    To wake each day, and be inspired,
    Not by all the things that I have acquired.
    But by the desire to be a better man,
    To live my life according to God's great plan.
    Who knows if she is the one I seek,
    But I do know that she is, truly unique.

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