• shanikumar843 5w

    For someone close to my heart but miles away,

    Every day seems like a year. Yeah, that's true.....I don't know why but I feel like that it's been 7 months away from you but still, I commemorate each and every essence you gave me in our last meeting. I remember, it was 'chocolate day' and I urged you for a big stack chocolate as you were shopping for me that day. Hell yeah, I ate the whole, though I shared lill bit with my flatmates ..... When I heard about the first COVID case in India, somehow or the other I knew that it won't restrict itself to fewer numbers. I had that clairvoyance that India will shut down for 2-3 months, and so I always asked you to meet me before I depart for my Holi breaks. But your monotonous routine of work, family, your personal time didn't make you available to meet me. I don't complain about that because it was something you were supposed to do regularly, but I feel sad that I even didn't see you before leaving Delhi. I still remember 13th March, the day where I was on a call with you discussing the plans, dates, and forthcoming trips that we wanted to do if I would have come to Delhi after Holi. That day, I was reporting you every single hour that I have packed this and that and blah blah blah. A big stretch of smile acquired my whole face signifying the eagerness of meeting you. The smile on my face didn't last when I got a notification of my college closure due to COVID. Things shattered, plans got discarded and happiness fragmented but still, I thought of using this moment to know you more and curtail our differences.