• __idia 9w

    Monster Three

    What do we call the third monster?
    I'll let you decide.
    This third monster is a human,
    His smile makes me want to hide,
    He said, "I'll teach you what it means to be woman"
    But what he did left me without a shred of pride,
    The worst part? He's not the only one of his kind.
    I grew,
    And I heard my story in different variations,
    It was disgusting that the bad ones are not the ostracized few,
    But, welcome to the normal,
    Because this third monster attacks me still,
    It does not matter if I dressed cute or formal,
    He will have me until he gets his fill,
    Consider this my resignation,
    I will fight for others,
    But I will be silent if he pounds into me like a dead tree,
    I have accepted that this is one monster of whom I will never be free.