• lil_poet 6w


    I'm crawling to the darkness
    To reach the light
    I am feeling its hopeless
    I'm feeling like I lost my fight
    Circling the self doubt
    Losing myself in self hate
    All I wanna do is to shout
    To release my pain out of my head
    I feel like I was misplaced
    It's like born in a wrong time
    And in a wrong place
    I'm forgotten by someone
    Whom I loved the most
    Now it's like that 'someone'
    Hates me the most
    I feel like my heart
    Is pouring out my head
    No one can see my pain
    And it's like taking breath
    I am smiling all the time
    But a fake smile is hard to carry
    I'm spending time being not me
    All my sadness,inside my head, buried