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    You are a standard for many.

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    Another try

    When I'm writing lines,
    They usually fall in place.
    And all those moving Rhymes,
    Are inciting smiles as they pick up pace.
    The magic to that I can't tell,
    But since they work,
    I'll believe the charming spells.
    Sometimes they are controversial,
    Mostly they are factual.
    But what does it matter,
    As long as it's the spotlight,
    I'll let the audience chatter.
    Some critiques say it's lame,
    It's saucy, it's boring and indecisive.
    All the while I'm stirred, I'm scared,
    Will I explode? Do I even care!
    My thoughts say the world ain't fair,
    Embrace yourself, you only have your self.
    Those same lines, you beat yourself on,
    Is what some wish they could think of.
    You are a scale, for quite a lot,
    You hit many hearts, right on the spot.
    So next time, when they come with their words flying by,
    Take a seat, take your pen.
    It's time to think, make them feel your heat.

    ©Adetunji Oluwabukunmi Ajibola