• cyphaakingg 23w

    My very own guard.

    I felt weak tired and frustrated
    Oh lord!. I just wanted it to end
    Many 'a' blows hit me right in the head
    And my busiest moment were weekends

    Two arrows hit me right in the chest
    Wait!. How did this happen?
    Normally I'd begin a grand protest

    Chai!. I just realised there were five people shooting arrows
    Just 2 hit me!. Where are the rest?
    I looked to the right and was shocked to my bone marrow.
    Who's this lady with so much zest.

    "Hey babe" ain't you afraid to die. I asked
    Me?. Oh you mean me!. She smiled
    In the radiance of death I've basked
    Now I live for ever cause someone else has died.

    What are you doing here. I further inquired
    I'm here to protect you.
    To take the heat as you go higher
    I'm your personal guard. Just trust me like you trust you.

    You mean you'd sacrifice your life for mine?
    At what cost if I may ask?
    Just go ahead. We'll both be fine.
    I'll just stay and watch your back.

    One day you'll understand why
    But until then. Keep making us proud.
    Who are you?. And please don't lie!
    Am Victoria. Your very namesake. ..I'm wowed.