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    You hurt her so badly that
    she thought she was broken
    beyond repair yet she found
    a way to pick up the broken
    pieces of herself and
    carry the affirmation of the
    pain like an armor.

    And now she's free from you,
    like a bird let out of a gilded cage,
    she spreads her wings so wide and
    lets herself soar high that
    even a glance stolen is blurry.

    She's moved on,
    and now you're lost without her
    that you became a glutton
    for punishment and
    sought solace in the arms
    of her memories that
    turned out to be nightmares.

    It's eating away the little good
    in you but you don't care,
    because it was so little
    compared to what you
    felt she must have lost.

    And now you're standing
    infront of the mirror and
    looking in it, hating the person
    you see there.

    Because the realization of
    what you've become was
    written in his eyes.
    ‘Another part of her past’
    yet you could have sworn
    you were once her world.