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    "What's one superpower you wish you had?" The psychiatrist asked us.

    One said, "Invisibility!"


    "I want to sneak in people's life, know their secrets, and destroy them."

    "That's evil," the psychiatrist said.

    "Well, our whole life has been evil to us."

    Everyone nodded in agreement except for me. He turned to me and asked, "What about you, Jess?"

    "I would like to go back in time."



    "Why, may I ask?"

    "Obviously, so that she can change the damages done to her or she has done," someone said.

    "No," I replied.

    Everyone's eyes on me.

    "Then why?" he asked.

    "I don't want to change the damages. But, I want to trace back my footsteps to a time where everything in life was at an initial point. You see, the damages were nice for my personality development. But, I just didn't look at the positive aspects. I won't undo the damages. But, I would probably live a little bit more during those damages being done.
    "Somewhere amidst making choices according to what people said and not what my heart did, I have this heavy weight of guilt my soul carries, of not saying certain things to some important people in my life.
    "I wish I would tell my best friend that I have been so grateful to her for always being there, steady as a rock. When I was on the verge of committing suicide, she held back my daunting thoughts by reassuring me that she would always be there, and that she loved me. I wish I would have done the same when she was on the same path. Only if I knew. I wish I knew.
    "I wish I would go tell the man of my dreams that I loved him ever since I first laid eyes on him. Maybe, something would have changed. But people kept telling me that I am not pretty and that is why, I let him go. He didn't deserve me. I wish I would go back in time and just confess so that my heart, now, would not be as heavy as it is right now.
    "I wish the damages were done but during those damages, I would enjoy life, look at how I can get up rather than seeing that I am on the ground. Above all, I wish I would live in my life, and not just exist. I wish. And I wish that these wishes come true. But alas, no scope for irrational thoughts like these in this rational world."

    My voice started becoming weak, my eyes started watering up. But I held back. I went back home. And the next day, I woke up to see something that had changed my life completely.

    I looked at the newspaper, and I saw the date. 23rd October 2012. I was seven years younger. Everything had come to its initial point.

    Life had finally given me one more chance. To confess to him, and enjoy the damages. It's time I start living, rather than existing.
    - Aradhya

    I dunno if I should change this into a series or not. My heart is telling me not to because I want to leave it for the reader to decide whether it would leave it to her doom or to a life where she would not have any regrets. But do tell what you guys think.

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    Edit: turning this into a series❤️ thanks a ton for supporting.

    2nd part coming up soon.

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