• glamarie 5w

    Just for you

    The day I met you
    My soul knew you were mine
    I had been waiting on you
    But we were both lost in time

    The day I kissed you
    You set fire to my soul
    I knew you belonged to me
    For my heart became whole

    When you said you loved me
    My heart joyfully beamed
    I finally found you
    After an eternity it seemed

    You nourish my soul
    With each passing day
    Your words, your laugh, your pranks
    My joy is always a smile away

    Happiness is always an elusive one
    A forlorn hope for one too many
    Howbeit my deep yearning made it through
    Amidst all the storms, there was You.

    For you my Yohan.
    Forever in my heart ❤
    I love you.