• gane_kris 5w

    And the time has come. The history is reversed.
    The mistakes done in the past is paying now.
    Who is to blame for? With whome I'll sympathize?
    I know one thing. This is time doing.

    This is colonialism and it's results happening after 65 years of silence. I don't see anything wrong or anything right. I see only results.

    214 years of mugal regime, followed by British invasion..
    Sucking out essence of our identities, erasing out our conscience of our beings,
    leaving ourselved shattered,
    into a 60 year Congress rule of taking it for granted, where we all made to believe you're either a dalit, or a minority, or this and that..
    so that you should vote us...
    A byproduct of partition and it's politics....

    And now somebody came, found themselves an identity and implemented it? Should I blame them?
    Should l?

    I say this is time, and it's history found another narrative to hold on.

    Who is at threat?
    And all these years with a lost sense we all were running the same.
    Lacking identity, mimicrying the rich..

    The rich become rich, and the congressian tactics of making minorities the minorities prevailed over six decades.

    And now, they from the wounded memory of history started making a point once they found a presence.
    Taking the pride of the lost innateness....hoping it would repeat....

    And we, Indians
    With inferior images weighing on our brain..
    Yes. We all are, even after 65 years of the told freedom we still feed the colonialism undertones in our mind...

    (As northindians and southindians
    As people of northeast, as kashmiris
    As brahmins and dalits
    As christians and muslims
    As sikhs and jains) and this is pain you and I serve everyday...and did you said justice right now? WHAT!!!

    You all privileged and you have never seen the underprivileged in Facebook and Instagram feeds when they were raped and made beg on daily basis in streets and slums and city's and railway stations...

    You all mediocre justice seekers, pro-active and helpless confused souls lamenting justice with a full stomach, though feeling inferior!!!!!!!!!!

    Kashmiri's suffrage under army? As if it had existed only in the last 10 years... Who were ruling India and allowed repeated partition and border crisis again and again and again? You say me!!

    They divided the nation on the name of religion and none of you had any problem, till now......and you say now it's not justice?????

    (Women were mass raped on that day tooo, Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus were killed and killed and killed...
    and do you all think that conscience has gone away?

    No my dear, it's repeating .
    we do bear it in our genes unconditionally not ready to accept...and today, you see results, and this will go on...untill new power equations are laid down tomorrow.)

    And it is the revenge and result that somebody remembers that past doing it. That somebody is current power and it is also time doing.

    And nothing going to end, this will go on.. these are. Power equations....
    (But, CAB is passed in parliament 'constitutionaly' after debates in LS and RS... and that's not fascism I would say..)

    If India had stood strong in past as a nation and asserted an identity nothing would have been happening. But, we were under threat of our inferiority... we were divided by same byproduct of politics...just like that Congress has ruled for 60 years and it's that inefficiency in another form you all are yelling about.

    We are inferior. By religion, caste and politics.. and we borrow it... We live in shackles as Hindus and Muslims. "Not together.. anyways!! You'll don't see it.
    Your mobile screen only knows the feed of your feed creator... You the inferior idea sharer. Hats off. You reasonless being.

    We are told to believe differences? You do even follow right? Is your religion fucking free ? Is your temples free? Is your mosques and churches free? And you say JUSTICE? Okey...go n prayer to your God.

    You say me now? Do you think protest is a way in 2019 for an educated GOD like you ? Setting fires? Would anybody think that's work out ? Opposing power with power? friend, It'll never.

    The educated. Evolve. Find yourselves ahead from past.

    And I know this is country that led a Freedom struggle without social media and Pro active people's...

    I feel sorry about them and to my conscience that I can't accept, blame any of you.

    You'll are the same.the result of time..lacking purpose, made out of ideologies and systems..you're all just products,mere products of your false conscience, failed to evolve beyond eyes can see.