• navpreet96 5w

    What Netflix teaches you ?
    Everybody is a “Pretty Little Liars”

    "Hey , I am done with Suits , wanna suggest something"? I asked my friend after I almost became a lawyer by watching Suits for atleast 3-4 hours a day.
    “Try Pretty Little Liars", its rather good"

    " so what is it about " ?

    "Its all about friendship, mystery and stuff"

    "Would you mind elaborating a bit more than just a M.C.Q kind of answer" I stated calmly.

    "Well, the story is based on 5 friends ,one of them goes missing knowing secrets of other 4 girls and somebody haunts them with their secrets and it becomes a murder mystery afterwards" , and rest you can watch yourself"

    "So the girls are pretty"?

    "Hell yeah" she was puzzled at why I asked her such a annoying question,

    " you know what ! If I ever get a chance, I'd make a series on Ugly f*cking liars otherwise Its gonna take a lot from my courage to call somebody pretty ,once I know they are a liar"

    "Hold on your rant, nobody is giving you a chance and forget about whatever I said" she shut me up before I could make any other hideous nonsense fiction in my minds.

    Later that evening I started watching Pretty little Liars and I was captivated. After few days I was hitting my laptop keyboard fiercely with my relatively short fingers . Something had happened that day and I realized how true Pretty Little Liars was. Every liar is pretty until you find out. Some liars are friends ,sometimes family but above all they are liars.
    Everyone once in a while we lie sooner or later we acquiesce the fact. It is very difficult to trust somebody once they've lied to you. In recent events I ,realized my mom never even attended Hindi classes and she once told me she scored 95 in that subject respectively. Small or big , a lie is a lie.
    I was talking to my friend once who lied to me and while I was busy hitting him with a bat in my thoughts , I couldn't focus on any of his explanations.
    From our politicians ,who have suggested that America had more rape number than India, I've learnt that a liar is never pretty and if a liar was your friend than the beauty fades clandestinely under the facts of truth and anger.