• sadboii 9w

    SadBoii. Life goes on

    Motivation is hard to have and keep,
    Just make sure to wake up, Dont stay asleep.
    People say life gets hard, sometimes that's true,
    Just have someone there. Trust me. It's easier on you.
    It can be challenging sometimes, but take it as a test,
    Your not going to be handed the answers so dont be stressed,
    Stay strong like a bullet proof vest,
    light and uncompressed,
    so you can give it your best, even when your being pressed.
    Things get easier if you hold on to that rope,
    Right now, it's just a steep slope.
    Once your over that mountain, you are now prepared for the next one.
    Dont believe there will be none.

    Keep your head high like a swan,
    Because eventually. Life goes on.