• esther_taiwo 9w


    I am a girl child
    Is it a crime to be one?

    This is my father's land
    I should go about with freedom

    Because I am a girl child,
    I should be respected and valued

    Because I am a girl child
    I should not be molested

    Because I am girl child
    No other gender should take advantage of me

    I have found my voice, I will raise my voice
    I should not be forced against my will

    I should not be killed because I refused to be harassed
    I should not be killed after I have been harassed

    I own my body and I have the right to say NO
    Why then should I be a victim?

    Why should I be forcefully taken?
    Why should I cry in pain and silence?

    Why must my voice be shut?
    Is it because I am a girl child?

    I bear the pain and stigma for life
    But you walk freely like a man achieved

    I am bound with the shackles of regret
    But you walk freely with no regret

    Only one wish do I have
    That Justice must prevail