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    So before I start,I am once again mentioning that this is a rewrite of a written story,so there might be similar sentences or anything else but I will try my best to change it into my way ��
    If you haven't read the first chapter check out the hashtag #ann_thethreeidiots
    and do tell if there's any mistakes ☺️
    Hope you enjoy the read ��✨

    “I'm Ava Anderson..The new student, I just needed my schedule".I replied
    She typed on her computer for a second and then a piece of paper slipped out of the small printer that was kept near her.No saying anything else she handed it to me.
    So rude..
    I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. Thank god there was map on the back.I had English first,then food technology.Atleast that will be fun.After a short break I had gym and then after lunch Physics.(god save me).Once I saw my locker number at the bottom of the sheet which was 1134,I headed to find it. Thankfully I was in the right place since I found my new locker just down the hall.I opened it, dumbing my things and bag in there.I grabbed my books, getting ready for English.I took my schedule and map along with me too.
    Students were staring and whispering in background, entranced by the idea of a new girl.I ignored them, closing my locker.

    About twenty seconds later the bell rang, signalling the start of my first class.I analysed my map and made my way to the English classroom.I wasn't too late,people were still walking in when I arrived.

    The teacher was sitting at his desk,he was quite young and was reading some files that he had kept on his desk.
    “umm,hi I'm Ava,I am new in your class".I said to him.“Ahh! yes they told me about you,take a seat anywhere you like".He replied
    Oh thank god you didn't tell me to introduce myself..Well,I didn't say that out loud.Just in my head.
    I nodded and headed to the back right corner of the class, sitting their alone,no one bothered as the class continued.I heard whispers again but that's normal I suppose.I listened to half of the classes,then zoned out.My tutor taught me all of this before.

    Suddenly I felt something light hit my head,I looked down and saw a small ball of paper,I looked up to see a guy smirking at me at far end of the class.I itched to yell at him that minute but instead I have him a faker_than_faker smile and turned around.

    Throughout the class all that the jerk did was throw paper balls at me,I clenched my fist getting annoyed.
    You are supposed to be resting,cool down Ava..I took a deep breath and didn't even look at the jerk for rest of the lesson..

    When the bell rang,acknowledging everyone that the session is over I was quite relieved.
    I took my books and bolted away from the class,more precisely, away from ‘him'.He is just the first one,I am sure there's more similar to him.I internally groaned.
    I had food technology next and I don't need any books for that.
    When I walked in to the food room,the aroma was amazing.The previous class might have done something yummy because I noticed flour,sugar and eggs had been put out on the bench..I barely had breakfast so I am really excited,I guess we are going to bake today.
    Always thinking about food..
    Hell yaa..

    So who do you think the Jerk no1 will become?��
    How will Ava's food technology class end up,will she meet the jerk no2?
    Will she be able to eat anything?��

    Wait and see������

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