• moja_dusza 10w

    One. Deep. Cut.

    A knife could do more harm than good right now,
    So tell me then, why a knife sounds like it will take away the pain, why it will fix everything, with just one. Deep. Cut. With one slice across my throat,
    My suffering is over. My longest day would be complete, grand finale and all. One. Long. Deep. Cut.
    Would stop time. Would stop my mind.
    Would stop my heart. My soul would stand. Still moving on. But this flesh, would have a hold, no more. But I promised you, I promised my love, that I would stick around, and still keep on. So here I am, pondering, what would become, if I made that cut. But I promise my dear, that my life will not yet end, for my love for you is strong. So I will keep on living this life, for you, if you keep living for me.