• himachacko 10w


    It's started from the corner
    Gazed at her even more longer
    Eyes tend to a crash
    Foots made a rush.

    Moving through the road way
    Thinking more harder
    My body get shivered
    But can't explain.

    Saw her even today
    Chance to give her a smile
    Hoping to get a face of glance
    Got a point of rough & tough.

    Searching the day to impress
    Working the mood in distress
    Thinking her even in mind
    And shivered once more.

    Time gonna run in round in plates
    Succeed in life line play
    Gone wild with the crush I had
    Made promises that come true.

    Dreams are at the peak to shower
    Garments goes on high and thicker
    They became my life now
    My strength & power.

    Life is rotten with scars
    Time is flashing like wind
    We have changed a lot
    But now too am shivering.

    She is laying in bed
    My hand is on her chest
    She didn't heard my words
    Since the last hour, but I said.

    Now I am in this bench
    Wherever you hold my hand first
    Holding her even more tight
    Said bye to sun for a while.

    Stretched out my hand
    And hold on her waist
    We smiled on the sun
    For a new beginning
    Still am shivering.