• akhil_please 46w

    i love to be with you

    He snatched her I'card.
    "Ohh so you are 17 now !!" he joshed.
    "yupp !! so ??"she scowled.
    "this means your were not even born when i was in K.G.1" He teased.
    "Shut up !!" She chided.
    "Ahh !! those indelible days,I remember how notorious I was then."He breathed soothingly.
    "Well i know, infact I was watching you up from the sky pondering how it's gonna be difficult for me to handle you when I come down." She smirked.
    "oh really !! then i'am really blessed to have you, my tolerant girl."he retorted.
    And their playful banter added another charm to their appealing love.