• krishnega 10w


    And all those pills,
    That come in colours
    What do they mean
    Why do I need them?
    I ran away long ago,
    Am I a coward ? Maybe.
    But time shrugged me off
    And I’m hanging onto days
    That will soon slip into past;
    You’re not at fault, neither am I.
    Why are the consequences
    Falling on me? Why am I
    The victim of war, never fought.

    This hill top is fine,
    A new place to begin
    A better place to be lost
    It’s the Best place to be buried;
    I’d lie closest to the stars,
    If the world lies me here.
    I remember the first afternoon
    When it rained hard, as if
    To mourn my pain.
    I heard the pit pit patter
    Knocking on my window;
    But I stayed in bed all day
    Under the heavy blanket
    Which held winter inside.
    The memories, the truth
    They lurked in the dark
    In the warmth of my body heat.

    I blame no man, no God
    I’ll cope up, but that day
    It was just too hard.
    I remember when it rained,
    I didn’t yearn for the fresh air;
    I didn’t miss the wet roads;
    My favourite songs,
    Didn’t play along.
    It wasn’t even strange
    It was the first of
    Lone alone days.

    Later that night
    I went out to the open skies
    To puke the stars, that had
    Strangled into hope.
    And I saw the wetness
    On abandoned walls.
    The watered dead garden.
    Should I go back?
    But I’m dying;
    So what, everyone is.
    And my half written poem
    Lies unread, incomplete
    Like my virgin heart.

    Should I go back?
    But I’m dying;
    So what, everyone is.