• aaronblackman 6w

    Act 3
    Amour interdit 3#

    Her: We have been fighting and having issues consistently and every time he would say he is breaking up with me, I'd have to cry and beg him. He also has me doing wife duties and its hardly reciprocated.
    Her: Recently we had a fight and he said he wants a break and I'm tired of crying and begging all the time. I want to ended it but my conscience would not let me, plus I like him a lot even though I'm not getting anything positive from the relationship
    Me: Why do I have a feeling this is the only reason you remembered me.
    Her: That's not why I remembered you
    Me: I feel like a rebound cushion right now. Is that all I am.
    Her: Stop talking this way.
    Me: I can't, I really feel like crying right now.
    Her: I'm sorry
    Me: It is just sad, my mind kept on telling me that the reason for contact was because you were having issues in your relationship and I did not want to believe it.
    Her: I swear, I did not contact you because I'm having issues in my relationship.
    Her: I don't know how to make you believe me