• monathinks 10w

    Bye 2020

    2020 is concluding
    Memories of the year flashing past my eyes rapidly
    Burst of colour from every season of this year
    I had some lovely moments this year
    Moments that stick fondly in my heart
    As brilliant as sparkles in the night full of darkness
    But I also suffered
    Let's not forget the pain we all endured this year.
    Some lost their loved ones, some lose their friends, some suffered alot in disease and some fought till their last breath but couldn't make it.
    It's not like I hate 2020
    There's been ups and downs
    It's been both sweet and sour
    I was the victim so were my allies,
    Lost some to the storm
    But also gained a few diamonds
    Some old ones held me together, they held me in my worst conditions.
    How can i ever thank you all who are by my side everytime i fall.... You all are my heart❤️
    And those who tore me in pieces, May Allah help you find the right path... Ameen
    The storm is still here
    Be gone 2020
    As I gear up for the next wave.