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    A touch verbose perhaps; but well intentioned nonetheless. Thank you for reading!

    by Carolyn Glackin
    I colored you blue with the palette of my love because I find blue so soulful, sensual, and romantic
    You adorned me with pink twilight kisses that delighted my nocturnal, sentient, starlight soul in an endlessly ongoing manner
    Our memorable merging resulted in a love whose color shall have no name, because it's purity and beauty can never be defined by the errant ethos of this Earth; thus I shan't allow it to be subjected to such cacophonous conjecture
    The byproduct of our love was several sunny and salient souls, whose bold yellowy brightness never fails to amaze me; particularly when dark times assail us. Oh how I continue to enjoy their ebullient charm and endearing effervescence!
    Though my ways may be wayward, and my sojourner soul oft goes on sabbatical; I leave traces of my multicolored hues behind, as a promise of my eventual return
    And the sanguine shades of unconditional love imprint me with a cookie crumb trail of heartwarming goodness that always leads me right back home to myself, where I bask happily in the afterglow of the harmoniously heartwarming hues.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 5/31/2020

    *Image found on Pinterest and credited to the unknown rightful owner.

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