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    This is a short series (maybe) titled as- letters to love. It has nothing to do with my life (keeping it fictional). So here is a disclaimer- if any of the characters are related to anyone alive, kindly let me know the next step in that tale. I may be inspired to improvise mine. Read the previous letters, prior to reading this one.
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    Letters to love #4

    Dear love,

    It has been 4 months since the college started and the first semester is around the corner.
    Studies are going good.
    All I keep thinking about is our last encounter.
    Sure, there were many more outings with mutual peer groups. But our last one will always be close to my heart. It was really the first time, I sat alone across from her and felt the warmth of you in her words.
    She is aloof love, not that I'm against being alone. It's just that she looks alone even when smiling in the crowd.
    What hides underneath her smile is more of a mistry to me. She has it all, yet she has it none.
    Her forlorn eyes tell a different tale than her lips. I'm afraid that you are absent from her life. It's time to put you back where you belong love, it's time make her genuinely smile again.
    She has invited me to the canteen today, saying that she has plans for my birthday. She wouldn't tell me anything more. I am sitting wide awake its 3am and yet sleep eludes me, probably I'll grow into an insomniac or die in excitement.
    (To be continued)